Questions Answers

The rate is modulated according the number of games and types of games.

First of all the space will be certified. The electronics will be placed in the space should be certified by Committee certification Video Games (EEEP). Find games have screen need Certification.

In this case you do not need certification because they are subject to the class of engineers - Electromechanical games. Suffice not have display. See more below the certification of arcade games.

The problem is the monitor and needs repair or replacement.

The problem is the graphics card and 90% are repaired regardless of whether it is on board.

In principle we should agree on the number and type of games and our suggestion in some games that you might not know.
Secondly we need all elements of pooling to join a Private Contract in triplicate which will bear the name matches, the code-share percentage, and time of pooling-rent-exploitation (the Indefinite Fixed Term). The monastery commitment from you will be the good condition of the games will be in your area.

Types Licensing and Certification granted C.S.C.G. are divided into two main categories:
1.Licenses and Certifications to conduct Electronic Technical-Leisure Game (ITPSP) and
2.Certifications to conduct Gambling (VLTs).
These categories include detailed:

  • Permission Operators ITPSP
  • Certification Παιγνίων (ΗΤΨΠ)
  • Certification Arcade Games (ΗΤΨΠ)
  • Certification Conducting branch of arcade (ΗΤΨΠ)
  • Certification Manufacturers & importers of lucky games (VLTs)
  • Certification Gambling Machines (VLTs)
  • Certification Παιγνιομηχανημάτων Τυχερών Παιγνίων (VLTs)
  • Certification Conducting branch for gambling (VLTs)
  • Certification Technicial for Arcade games (Α1)
  • Certification Technicial for skill games (Α2)
  • Certification Τεχνικών Παιγνίων VLTs (Β1)
  • Certification Technicial of VLTs (Β2)

The Mechanical and Electromechanical the Games of cases aa (machine) and bb (electromechanical) recreational games of paragraph a of Article 25 of n.4002 / 2011 (A 180) as applicable, shall not be certified by the E.E.E.P .. and according to paragraph 1 of Article 38 of the same law the recreational games of cases aa (machine) and bb (electromechanical) of Article 25 of the n.4002 / 2011 (S 180), conducted freely, provided compliance with the legal conditions. The C.S.C.G. only certifies the Games of the case c of paragraph a of Article 25 Article 25 of n.4002 / 2011 (A 180), ie the Electronic Technical-entertainment games.

No need no certification, but should not have installed games. Allowed on line games.