Neo-Games Who We Are

Our Company

Neo-Games was founded in 1990 from the electronic Mr.Karousis Athanasios. Through the 25 years of experience and 20 years of successful activity in the sector of entertainment we allocate a big variety from Arcade video Games, intelligent games of amusement, games of faculty, automatic salesmen of gift, billiards, air-hockey, and terminals for Internet Station with coins.

The 25 years achieved course has rendered her name synonym with the guarantee, the irreproachable service and the support to her customers, and it still continues creating achieved spaces of amusement as, Commercial Centres, Hotels, Cafeterias, . Aim our are the all specifications of safety of amusement for this reason our company with her own manufactures and assembly in Rhodes have ensured their harmonisation with the Community directives of new approach of EU with special file, in the Ministry of Industry and bring labelling CE (Statement of conformity, appropriateness). Still we have the better honours with facilities of payment as the most competitive terms of coexploitation